Agano is a ministry of the church offering theological training to both leaders and members of various churches both within Kenya and outside. The school has partnered with Miami International Seminary {MINTS} to offer theological courses from certificates to masters. We offer a wide range of comprehensive courses alongside comprehensive book studies from our well equipped library. Students are subjected to a rigorous evaluation after which they are allowed to graduate. Our goal and aim is to teach Christ-the joy of all nations.

Semester 2 begins in May the 9th and runs to 25th July 2024.


This is a 2 year church program run by the pastors with the aim of entrusting the gospel to men who have shown interest, passion and zeal for ministry. We do this with the aim of equipping them with the word of God that they may be well founded for God’s service in His kingdom wherever the Lord may commission them through the church. {2Tim2:2} 

Church History

Church History starts here. Learn about the early and ancient church, its growth and struggles.


Learn about what missions is and what the goal of missions is.

How to Grow

Learn about worship and what it truly means


Learn what true neighboring is all about.

Doctrine of Salvation

This is a Bible Study series on the doctrine of salvation particularly the Ordo Salutis – the order of salvation. Learn how God saves his people from first to last.