This is a church ministry run by the older and the biblically mature women of the church under the Elders’ oversight. This is informed by Titus 2:3-5. The teachings are centred on scripture and meetings done from house to house. Ladies also benefit from each other by partnering in prayer and the partners are reshuffled periodically.

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This is a church ministry where men meet for a saturday breakfast after every two months in church. The men meet to sing, learn God’s word and to partner with each other in prayer. It is through this forum that the church provides opportunities for the younger men to be taught by the older men.


This is one of our core mandates as a church in accordance with Matt 28:18-19. By God’s grace we have partnered with schools- ranging from primary to universities-in the work of ministering the God’s word. We are and have engaged in sending missionaries both within and outside the country for the ministry of the word.


Our Sunday school, under pastoral oversight, is well equipped with a well vetted bible curriculum and able teachers. They are divided into 3 groups of 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years. We also conduct vocational Bible schools {VBS} which can run for up to a month and a minimum of up to 2 weeks. 


This is a church ministry which aims to foster godly relationships amongst its members in their various communities. Members in their various communities meet once a week and discuss the bible and pray together. They also get the opportunity to invite their neighbours and engage them with the gospel. The current groups are KITI {covering Barnabas, lanet, pipeline, subukia and free area} Town {covering kiamunyi,CBD and its environs, London, show ground and Everedy} and lastly Diaspora {covering Molo, Njoro, Mangu, Gilgil and beyond}.